They are those most likely to survive the Pandemic. While there has been some question as to whom the masks protect, does it really matter whether it's protecting you or someone around you it is affecting the spread. The Mayor of Tampa Florida is requiring all people to wear masks as of 5 pm today, she's tired of the non mask mavericks that continue to spread the disease. The Florida Keys is also requiring masks on everyone until June... JUNE 2021, it will be revisited quarterly. Some gamblers across the country are putting odds on which state will have the biggest increase in Covid 19 numbers, Texas, Florida and California among the top 3. Wearing a mask is not comfortable but I prefer it to a ventilator. The tables have turned, at one time wearing a mask set you out in a crowd, hopefully you'll now be part of that crowd (safe distance of course) and those without go to get one. Once again follow the guidelines and wear your mask, you can be creative and have some fun with it, make it your statement.

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