Revive the Road Rally

In this time of Covid 19 isolation and boredom I wish someone would take the time to create a local road rally. I used to jump at the opportunity to travel through specific geographic locations looking for predetermined objects or signs. These were permanently affixed items that you may have passed many times but never took notice. Your route was provided by written clues that wound you through town and countryside. It could be a timed event or whoever got the most answers in a specific amount of time. While most were very competitive and allowed only for a navigator and driver this could be adapted for a family and provide hours of entertainment. Much as we observed gangs of people searching for pokemon objects years ago, a couple of dedicated volunteers would have to take couple of days to put this together and you would never have to leave the safety of your vehicle. I am continually searching diversions to break the monotony that many of us have been battling. My last thought is that this could be put together to help raise funds for those in need by charging a reasonable entry fee.

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