You Can't Tell Me What To Do

Sounding like a little child I stand defiantly before my wife trying to explain why I feel I can expand my circle of activity a little farther than the yard. Covid 19 has been the most effective way to reign in the activities of this old independent person. I have remained scared of the effects this has on all, not to mention this 72 year old, diabetic with heart ischemia and who's battled cancer twice in the last 3 years, I mean, what's the chances? I'd rather not find out. Common sense is the great determiner, this is not a conspiracy to control our lives but rather a very real pandemic that could easily take them. Despite the many diversions and attempts to tell us the worst has gone by, it hasn't and unfortunately in our angst to get back to the way it was we may fall into a situation where it may never be again. Please follow the CDC's directions and not those political hacks whose only interest is the economy and not human lives. As much as I like saying "I told you so!" it gives me little satisfaction if you're DEAD!

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