ZOODAS, What the heck am I talking about?

About 40 years ago a friend of mine began a clothing company called Zooda's out of, if I remember right, Huxley Iowa. This was indeed casual wear that made any Hawaiian wear look tame. His prints were loud and expressive and came in the form of pants and shorts both came with an optional beverage holder on the side. One day as he stopped for a cold one at the bar I owned he carried a package which contained a pair of shorts and pants designed especially for me. The pants were covered with jungle plants where numerous Toucans were perched, the shorts were bright colors with many tropical scenes embedded. The pants fit fine and accompanied me on many golf outings providing me with unbelievable distraction power. The shorts were a bit too tight and were put away for thinner days. Well here we are 40 years later and 85 pounds lighter and low and behold what is this in the bottom of my summer shorts drawer, the Zoodas in pristine shape and fit me like they were tailored. As my wife stepped in the room she did a double take and asked me where I thought I was going in those. "Anywhere I want" I replied, "Remember I told you that after a certain age I could wear anything I want, in fact many people expect it and attribute it to age." "Well if you expect to wear that anywhere with me expect a new meaning to social distancing, at least 12 feet and in some cases 2 cars!" Oh Zoodas, when will we be accepted for the fashion statement we are?

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