My wife has never really given me a "Honey Do" list, knowing her skills far exceed mine she knows chores, if to be done to her satisfaction, are best accomplished if we work together. There is often frustration for me as over the years I have bought all kinds of tools that make the task at hand easier and faster. She on the other hand believes slower and patient work will make things come out better. Lately, as my health is slowly recovering, she definitely has the upper hand and I must admit we're ahead of schedule. Just yesterday, the hedges were trimmed, a new mailbox put in, and the siding power washed. I was relegated to chair supervisor with limited hands on instruction in the areas she was unfamiliar with. As we wrapped things up I took notice the lawn was needing a cutting, I feared after all she had accomplished she would head to the lawnmower. I stopped her in her tracks as I assured her I would take care of it. A smile of understanding that I was sincere and yet the knowing look of you're not up to it yet crossed her face. She put things away and we both went inside. As she lay down for a well deserved nap, I was busily preparing my plan to take care of the lawn. When she awoke I informed her I had acquired a lawn service company for the rest of the summer and awaited my "That's a good boy" pat on my head. Instead I was greeted with "Finally, I've been asking you for 20 years to do that but you were too cheap!" Rest assured I'm still cheap, but the items we want change as we grow older. At the moment she's content to keep me in a supervisory position, I'm less threatening there.

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