Hearty Not Foolish

We Iowans rightfully claim to come from hearty stock and the ability to make strong common sense decisions. That belief is certainly being put to the extreme tests in this tumultuous environment. Some life and death decisions have been suggested to us like the precautions concerning Covid 19. For the most of us we have adhered to most and rebelled against others. Stay in place was no problem for me as I just nod my head to the list of things that make me vulnerable, the 6 foot distancing presented no problem, washing my hands was taught to me by my mama and was done without thought, the most difficult is the wearing of the mask, it causes me some breathing anxiety and appears to be the one commonly violated by most people. As more things open up we will have more decisions to make as to how much we are willing to bend some of these restrictions in order to restore a feeling of normalcy in our lives. While I'm as anxious as anyone to get out and about, I find myself more cautious than ever before. If you see me looking a bit paranoid as I move about realize I'm not as hearty but certainly a lot less foolish.

Ames High Baseball and Softball will soon return to the airwaves on 1430 KASI, the hometown station of the Little Cyclones!