What I'm witnessing has happened several times in my life, the unjustified ending of a black man's life at the hands of a white man abusing the responsibility of justice they have been entrusted with. Unfortunately this shatters public trust in the system over all and reverses any lessons or ground that may have gained through the previous travesties. Now, people who might be enjoying each other's company at a community picnic stand toe to toe in confrontation because of the color of their skin or the uniform they wear. Last night I witnessed a ray of hope as it broke through the clouds of disdain and offered a commonality of purpose for both sides. Police and protesters took a knee and honored the memory of Mr. Floyd and prayed for a peaceful resolution to the situation at hand. The confrontation ended as it began, peacefully. It also gave rise that we recognize violence from either side is not the answer but respect and understanding that the cause is of the utmost importance to both sides must prevail and dominate the discussion, this alone is the greatest tribute to those who have senselessly lost their lives to injustice.