I'm deeply saddened over what has transpired over the past few days, having been a part of the protest 60's and 70's I witnessed the sincerity of true believers in a cause, the plasticity of some who just wanted to be part of something and the avarice of those who would use the cause for their own means. What we are witnessing is nothing new and has been repeated though out the history of human existence. Racism comes in many colors, ethnicities and religions throughout the world there is one common thread that binds them all, the inability to solve them. Extreme methods have often been and continue to be used in some places, it's called "Genocide", the shameful part is that many so called civilizations are willing to ignore the attempts at eradicating entire societies from the face of the earth and embrace the cowardly attitude of we don't want to get involved. The racism in this country continues and while not anywhere near genocide, lacks a compromising solution and usually grows off a violent and unjust confrontation. Demonstrations are just, as long as they are peaceful and keep the focus on the subject at hand, violence is unacceptable and only stains the sincerity of the cause. We will never be able to work toward the solution if we burn the table instead of gathering around it.