We're being inundated with all kinds of information and warnings for the safety of all around us facing possible Covid-19 virus contact. These change almost minute by minute so it's important you keep up. I'm sure by now you have grasped the idea that the least amount of contact with others is the best prevention for all concerned. We are a mobile society that has been asked to come to an almost dead stop, not that easy but when you weigh the dire circumstances involved it is the most sensible thing to do. Part of the difficulty falls in the mixed message for the young and old, most of the young will weather the storm while many of the elderly ranks will be decimated. The young will be tempting fate unfortunately while the old will shelter in place. Despite the tediousness of the next few months there is a strong inclination by human nature to survive and we can only be effective in that effort by doing the right thing and respecting the stringent regulations being placed upon us with no exceptions. Be smart, be safe, be alert and adhere to the latest warnings, it may not be the best time of your life but it sure gives you the best chance survive and celebrate later.

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