Teaching New Pups Old Dog Tricks

With society going into a literal lockdown as a prevention to contain the Covid-19 virus we will suddenly be faced with living a more isolated existence. Technology will still enable us to communicate and keep in touch with others, enhanced video will still allow us a kind of face to face contact. There will still be the opportunities for bicycle rides, running, walking, picnicking when weather warms, just not in large groups. My wife and I headed to the attic and grabbed the chess/checker board, various board games like scrabble, and a plethora of card games. I'm sure our excercise area will now become dust free. As a collector of music in all genres my turntables will get a workout as well as all sources of video delights including some old super 8 films, videotapes and discs. We can and will get through this if we use common sense. It will not always be easy as we must sacrifice some social norms for a time, once this has past may the lessons learned not be forgotten and applied toward prevention of another. Be safe, be well and we'll share some time again soon.

In times of News and Information Central Iowa has depended on 1430 KASI for over 70 years to keep them informed. We take this responsibility very seriously and will continue to keep you updated constantly on the latest concerns for the Covid-19 virus.