What's so Hard to Understand

I have been registered as an Independent all my life. This is not meant as disrespect to both parties but rather in many ways the opposite. It is foolish to think that one party or the other has solutions to every problem facing this nation and I believe the system was established to offer many possibilities from both sides and through compromise come to an equitable answer. I'm not an idealist and understand this doesn't always work especially in this volatile political climate. Even in this time of a pandemic crises it has become a political football and has been fumbled on both sides. Independency allows me to study a stand without the burden and shackles of party membership, I owe allegiance only to the country I love and respect. So don't try to align me for your convenience or purpose. I am a proud Independent and as registrations for this election grow you will see our ranks are increasing and will more than likely be the strongest influence on the next election.

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