Scary but Impressive

I saw the flashing emergency lights as I came up the hill from Lincolnway, just another person who ran the light and is getting due justice. As I got closer it was evident it was not Ames finest but America's finest as I read the jackets they were wearing, FBI, U.S. Postal Service and several others I couldn't make out. Yellow tape surrounded the corner house and beyond and eighth street east looked like a government parking lot. It was filled with the ominous black vehicles noted for their conspicuous-nonconspicuous looks and we only see in the movies. I was tempted to look up and fully expected to see a couple of black unmarked and silent helicopters overhead. Some of the investigators were dressed in protective suits and masks around the property, could this be the site of the 1st corona- virus in Ames...NO! This government entourage was there for several hours with little information given to the public except there was no immediate danger and details would be released as they become available. Chris, my wife and retired police sargent, and I sat conjecturing last night as to what it might be and feel we have a good idea considering the agencies represented at the scene and await official confirmation.

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