A Bit Ashamed

A lot of things we laughed about when I was young are now deemed hurtful and not so PC so understand as I write this I'm stepping on eggs. I grew up as a rather portly (fat) young man and suffered some of the slings and arrows cast by my generation. It was at that time I developed thicker skin and quicker wit realizing mental can often overcome physical. I also became conscious that my choice of wardrobe could be the determiner as to how I was seen. Looser clothes rather than tighter were likely to give me a little more clemency from my peers. While I admire that we should not judge anyone totally by their looks, I can't quite understand the willingness of many to accept obesity as a way of life, that people should accept you for what you are. I am, in many ways a prime example as I battle diabetes, a heart condition and now cancer. The predicted percentage of obese people in the next 10 years is overwhelming and still we indicate acceptance rather than change, I am not passing down judgement but rather pleading we encourage not shame each other to be healthier. You might wonder what drove me to approach this subject, to be honest their ought to be a law against the making of "Yoga Pants" over the size of Large.

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