Blabbermouth Training

One of the reasons I have been somewhat successful in radio is my acute ability to ratchet jaw, that is non stop conversation while sitting alone in my studio. As you can easily observe, most of my protege's have a partner to play with, not I. Do I think this is a disadvantage, not at all because instead of just listening in I envision my conversation directly with my listeners. Since we serve a smaller community and I've lived here 45 years I see faces of neighbors and friends depending on subject matter. While my tendency is to keep it light I never ignore the challenges that face our area. While perhaps suggesting possible solutions I also try to give enough information to stimulate thought for others to come to their own conclusions. Their is truly method to the madness of this old blabbermouth.

As we approach the end of the season, grab your chance to hear the Iowa State Coaches tonight on Coaches Corner. Your session begins at 6:30 pm on 1430 KASI-AM.