Put Your Worries on the Doorstep

Another tension filled week, outside stress is taking you to the limit of tolerance, apologies out weigh common sense. It's time to take a break, become social media free, put your cell phone away for the weekend and enjoy some me time. As much as we feel the obligation to interfere in other peoples lives we may feel the need to do a little cleaning of ours. Lose all the politics, release the fear and get out and enjoy life this weekend. You can restart all the things that you feel need your attention on Monday, just make it a weekend for you and the real things you enjoy, family, friends and community. Survival isn't as easy any more but it's still in your control, use it to your benefit.

Ames High boys are in a sub state matchup with Sioux City East tonight on 1430 KASI. Action begins at 5:45 pm.