I find it amazing our tendencies to ignore the inevitable and just coast along as long as our lives go uninterrupted. Some things are definitely out of our control but in a sense of self preservation we should be aware of. The thought of a pandemic has long been on the minds of scientists and medical professionals, the problem is type and how to isolate and treat it. History has shown that pandemics are Earths way of "Thinning the Herd". That doesn't make it any more palatable or acceptable. Not to be too political but the cutting of funds to the CDC and other national research labs demonstrates an extreme ignorance of what future challenges we faced. Throwing billions of dollars at this stage for a vaccine will not mitigate the number of lives already lost and will be in the future. Perhaps closer examination of what truly affects our daily lives far out weigh the rise and fall of the markets. Healthy mind and body are far more valuable than healthy bank account.

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