Is Age Only Good For Wine?

Growing up I was told to pick on someone my own age, I find it harder to do because the numbers get less as we get older. It does not seem to be that much of a predicament in politics as the front runners for president are well into their 70's, I must admit this has some bearing on how I look at them. We all know know older is wiser but being one of age also realize we've forgotten more than we remember. We live more in the here rather than the then, there's no substitute for experience unless it's fatal. It is undeniable that age is full of surprises especially on the physical side of life. While these candidates may mentally be sharp, the likelihood of a physically debilitating condition is more likely to occur as they grow older. Perhaps we should be looking harder at who will be standing as Vice President, a position that may be of more influence than it has been in the past. I wish good health to all but realize the strains of holding the highest office in the world contains.

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