3:30 am Observations

It's a strange world at 3:30 am, most the drunks have made it home or to jail so the air lacks the luring rhythm of car music systems being played to loud. City wild life is in action from raccoons, rabbits, possums and even occasionally a deer or fox. One tries to be Ninja like while heading to get in the car for fear of being mistaken as one of the many night time perpetrators. As you clear your entry to the street you become acutely aware of early joggers, dog walkers and bicyclists, there's been more than a couple I've almost hit pulling out. I also realize that there is a pattern of lights driving in, that certain houses leave lights on overnight and if I don't see them it causes me to ponder if everything is all right. delivery drivers, law officers, taxis and convenience store workers form a bit of a fraternal bond as we all wonder "What the Hell is wrong with us!"

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