We unfortunately live in an age of manipulation rather than education. We are too willing to accept as truth the ravings of some less credible sources because it aligns with what we have heard is true rather than facts. Years ago as I was taking courses in the Russian language we did a fairly comprehensive study on the art of propaganda, our conclusion was that sadly the people of the then Soviet Union had been spoon fed lies to bolster the communist hold on that country, Well we're a long way down the road from then but Russia and several other countries are now using it to invade our country. They figured out a while ago it isn't the size of your armies or nuclear arsenals that will take America down it's the ability to infiltrate the American psyche, sow the seeds of mistrust and doubt in our system of governing, and divide the people discarding the norms of Democracy. All I ask is that you beware of your sources, validate their reliability before you drink the wine. the internet can be a wonderful thing but also a dangerous one, "They" are here and we know it, no aluminum hats will protect just the awareness of their intentions and the unwillingness to be a cog in the machine that could destroy this country. YOU ARE THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE, STAND GUARD!

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