Low Pay, Big Pharma, and a Llama

Today Mel gets serious as he discusses the problems he has with the unbelievable prices of medication in today's day and age, and the effect that such prices have on lifestyle and how we live our everyday lives.

He then touches on a small line of crimes in California dealing with Llamas. Proud owners of such fuzzy friends have reported someone stealing their Llamas, and worse yet is that elsewhere there have been reports of Llama abuse.

Lastly Mel discusses Iowa's minimum wage. In today's world some people can't afford to further their education, or they don't have the proper assets to attain higher paying jobs, forcing a lot of citizens to take up minimum wage jobs that do not have much opportunity for promotion. Mel believes it best that minimum wage should be a test wage for a company to see an employee's commitment to the company, and after proving their commitment they be moved to a living wage in order to support themselves and their family.