As I frittered away the last day Now once again you can question my sanity.f my vacation it reconfirmed my love of work and retirement is still not in my plans. I love what I do despite the early hours. Serving this community is an honor and a privilege I hold in high esteem. Even though I sit alone in a studio for the most part of 4 hours a day, it is filled with visions of those folks who touch my life, some have been lifetime friends, some I have never met. To those who questioned my sanity so many years ago as I talked to myself may now have figured out it was job training. As I peer out the window this morning I am greeted by fresh overnight snow, it's beautiful, I can only hope it is accompanied by the pureness of bitter cold. Once again you can question my sanity!

Iowa and Iowa State meet tonight on the hardwood of Hilton Coliseum. You need not venture forth in the cold when you can catch all the action on Newstalk 1430 KASI-Am beginning at 6:00, Game tips off at 7 pm.