Constantly Learning Lifes Lessons

Life is an education, it begins with that 1st slap telling you to breathe and appropriately ends when you don’t. My quest for knowledge is insatiable and comes in many forms, the most has not been in books but with the people I have met. Everyone has had something to share, not all of it good but at least making me wiser in some aspects. Some people catch on faster than I and are sure they know it all, it’s not mine to judge but I think they’ve stunted their mental maturity.I have never closed my mind to learning and even at my age hunger for knowledge both formal and informal and am glad the buffet of wisdom is open for me to eat “all I care to eat.” With graduation drawing nearer, (luckily we aren’t given the exact date) I am hoping my last visit to the Almighty Principals office isn’t to report for infinite detention, but allows me to go home.

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