Land of the Giants

Okay, I know as we get older we begin to shrink, oh let me count the ways, every place but our waists. As for myself, I've gone from a strapping 6 footer to a humble 5'101/2" little old man, that's not to say I can't whip any one of you, at least in my mind. What I've really noticed is the height of the younger generation, not just the guys but the ladies are looming over me. i have to have a step stool to look some of them in the eye. This is nothing new, I remember growing up and reaching 6 foot was one of my goals. Two of my brothers never achieved that goal, my older brother Phil reached 6"4" in 10th grade and that gave me "High Hopes" never to come to fruition. The time for me has now passed as gravity continues to do it's thing, I consciously fight it by not stooping over and standing tall, always worrying that someday I will only be as tall as my Razzy will let me.

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