The 'Joker" is No Joke

What a pathetic world this is when movie theaters are hiring extra security for the opening of the long awaited “Joker” movie. There has been a lot of activity on known extremists sites encouraging members to recreate the Aurora Colorado massacre. In this day and age I believe this will affect attendance and many who do go will go armed and intend to “Stand their ground” as it is or at least defend their seat. The problem for security would be telling the good guys from the bad. I would think metal detectors might be used. Times sure have changed since I stood in a line stretching around the block in the rain hoping to get into the “Shaggy Dog” at the RKO Orpheum in Des Moines. Our only worry was if we had enough money for some Red Hots and some popcorn. Be safe and alert, even though we’ve been told to go on with life as usual, life is not the usual one we remember.

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