It's War I tell you...WAR!!!

As if the Iowa State/ Iowa football game wasn't exciting enough, rain delay aside,we now have a "Battle of the Bands". Unfortunately the bands at both venues, Ames and Iowa City have been subject to both verbal and physical abuse by miscreant fans. This is nothing new, it has gone on for years and is just now being addressed. It is a sad state of affairs when the members, who put in many hours perfecting what can only be called stellar performances are subjected to abuse by drunken dregs feeling the need to take out their frustrations on folks who have the intelligence not to reciprocate and feed their idiotic frenzy. The fault does not lie within the bands themselves as they exhibit their talent and high spirits through out game day that are deeply appreciated and know that if it wasn't the bands, these misguided and demented individuals would seek out other soft targets for their wrath. I have no idea what will be resolved in this matter but it will never be "Ban the Bands" they are an integral part of Game Day. In closing, must I remind you of years ago when ISU Band Director Michael Golemo was run down in Iowa City by what appeared to be a an innocent deer and later was determined to be a cheap assassin who worked for a "Buck".....SORRY!

Ames High football team travels to Des Moines North this Friday Night and KASI Sports Director Dave Sprau and Tron Smith will bing you all the action. Pre game is set for 6:45 with Kickoff at 7 pm on 1430 KASI-AM, and on your iHeart app.