Rainy Day Thoughts

What a beautiful day, nice gentle rain that spurred some contemplation of friends and family that are no longer with me. while many of you make think of this as depressing it was actually a time of joy and laughter. I am indeed the richest man on earth having had the opportunity to know so many people from all walks of life who have shared a part of their lives with me. It's lucky I was home alone, Chris would have had me committed for hallucinations but I assure you for a moment of time I had a reunion. I closed my eyes and laughed out loud as I pictured each and everyone of these souls in a moment that gave us all joy and then we all entered the time of "NOW" they to their existence, I to mine, taking solace in the knowledge they have never left and will always be with me. I closed my eyes again and gave thanks for having them in my life and for those that still surround it.

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