Spooked Again

It happened again yesterday and I must admit after 30 years together I guess I should get used to it but the mental bridge that Chris and I have created is sometimes uncanny. There are many times that I need only think something and she acts on it. Now I know familiarity breeds intuition like what to have for supper, or let's go to a movie etc. but what is more puzzling is the out of the ordinary things that happen. Like thinking about something I need but haven't said a word to her about only to come home that evening to find that item sitting on the table. Yesterday I was once again procrastinating about cutting the grass in the heat but had determined heat be damned I'm going to get it done plus I wanted to clean up some weeds beside the house. Low and behold when I get home the grass is cut and the weeds were gone. Perhaps I may be putting to much stock in this but today I'm thinking about painting the porch and buying a Maserati....Here's hoping!

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