Just Crabby and Old

One of my forte's in life is the use of humor while "gently" insulting someone. Not in a hurtful way but letting both of us have a laugh. I've also been told I am "quick" witted while others use the word "half". Being quick doesn't always mean thoughtful as sometimes my brain is running a second or two behind my mouth and apologies are necessary. Surprisingly I have been noted for my ability to bring humor to a funeral and have done more eulogies than I care to count. There is nothing worse than a critical look from a widow after you've divulged a little known fact from her husbands past life. I'm sure there will be enough vengeful victims of my humor that if given the opportunity to speak, the funeral home will have to put up a sign that says "Mel Crippen Funeral, Held Over for 2nd Big Week" all that being said I have discovered that what once was thought funny is not as well accepted by the "Now Generation". The fear of playfully insulting some one is an act of bullying and because of my "advanced age" I can't help it, I'm old and crabby. I think to myself, you're young and naive and will eventually learn that everything in life is a matter of timing.

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