Sitting in the studio, beautiful morning, plane crashing, building burning, bodies falling, screaming everywhere, my mind says terrorism but doesn't want to believe, 2nd plane building 2, horrible scenario is doubled, terrorism attack my mind insists, I still don't want to believe, people running 2 directions, citizens away, first responders toward, buildings crashing down, over 3,000 dead, Pentagon hit, plane crashes in Pennsylvania, all comes together, I begin to cry, our country weeps. These are a few thoughts of 9/11, I will always remember but wish i couldn't. Angry, vengeful, life has changed forever and I miss the past and always remember September 11.

Ames High takes on Iowa City this Friday night on 1430 KASI. Dave Sprau and Tron Smith will bring you all the action of the game at 7 preceded by the Little Cyclone Tailgate Show at 6pm.