Look me in the Eye

I am definitely a people watcher but lately I'm finding people aren't looking back. Now I'm no raving beauty but I don't look like I fell into an acid bath either. I get great joy out of greeting complete strangers with a "Good Morning" or "Howdy" (evidently my childhood years in Colorado stuck with me) only to find it's seldom returned. A big part of this is the "Turkey Neck" society we live in as most people have their heads in their phones. A secondary factor is the attempt to shut out the real world with the use of headphones. Unfortunately my mother thought some day I might be Knighted so in preparation raised me in the now much disdained art of Chivalry, you know, ladies first, holding doors, pulling out chairs, removing my hat, offering a lady my seat on the bus etc... I never expect thanks, it's just what I do. I think we've lost a part of humanity when we don't look each other in the eye and recognize each others existence. Part of the worlds problems come from the fact that that we are tuned out instead of tuned in. I'm tired of living in "Whoville" yelling "We are here, we are here!" and watching people more interested in communicating people "Who are there, who are there!" . Make the world a better place by recognizing those who surround your life at the moment, it will surprise you how a smile and a simple greeting will improve both of your days.

Ames High Football kicks off their home season tonight against the Ft. Dodge Dodgers. we begin our coverage at 6pm with the Little Cyclone Tailgate Show the get you set for the kickoff at 7. sports Director Dave Sprau and Tron Smith will take you through the game. Don't forget you can hear the game not only on 1430 KASI-AM but also 1430kasi,com and your iHeart app. GO LITTLE CYCLONES!