Holiday Drought

Well it's that tome of year that we fall in a funk lacking a reason to be off work unless you count just not wanting to go. We grasp for anything to be celebrated, like Columbus Day, always embroiled in controversy, after all there are those that argue for Amerigo Vespucci, The Vikings, Polynesians or the Clovis or pre-Clovis people who came form the East on the Bering land bridge that once existed. There's enough question here to create several holidays in their honor to spread through out the year. the biggest push is for Halloween. A holiday shared by both children and adults alike with the treats differing widely in their alcoholic content and the costumes in there simple design from animated characters, super heroes and in some cases XXX designs. Just some food for thought at 4 am on a Tuesday.

Ames kicks off it's home football season this Friday against Fort Dodge. 1430's coverage begins at 6 pm with the Little Cyclone Tailgate Show followed by th game coverage a little after 7pm. You can catch all the action on 1430 KASI-AM. don't forget to let those fans that are spread across the country they can also hear the game on and their iHeart app.