No Way, No How...I'm an Awful Man

I have hesitated bringing up this factoid about me, not wanting to blemish my flawless character image but I'm not a "Pet Guy". After having my ear used as a chew toy by a German Shepard, (canine variety, not one tending the flock in the Munich country side) when I was 3 instilled a lifetime fear of dogs. That fear has lessened but will never abate. At the behest of my loved ones I have had dogs, cats, hamsters, fish and parakeets throughout my married life and have treated them with affection and respect. grooming, feeding, petting and at the necessary time giving burial, cremation and in some cases the appropriate shoe box funerals and backyard interments. All dogs, cats and now a fish have come from animal shelters. That being said my wife approached me pleaing that we come to the rescue of a pair of cockatiels at the shelter, I drew the line after researching the needs of those birds. I've never been much good at saying no to my wife but this time I drew the line and would not step back and that my friends is how we ended up with the FISH! I do like all your pets because they're YOURS! Always check your shelters first PLEASE! Have a tremendous weekend ...GO CYCLONES!

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