Support your Teams

As we head into football season it is time to take inventory of your team support wardrobe. I, for one, favor a polo instead of a t-shirt. It's not that I'm sophisticated, but time has somewhat ravaged the Adonis body I had in youth to what now in a t-shirt looks like the original Michelin Man. I know team colored bib overalls are always popular but do the clothiers think most fans are 7 foot tall. At my peak I was right at 6 foot but for some reason could not get my legs any longer than 29 inches, I actually turned down work with a sideshow. Even after losing 45 pounds in what appears to be all the wrong places a t-shirt does not hang well and who would have thought hair could weigh that much? The best answer for me is the ever faithful ball cap. i can wear it backwards, forward and at a jaunty angle knowing it looks good although some have asked me if I could add a veil. No matter who your team is wear your colors proudly and may I suggest in some cases you bring a generic change in case things don't go well. As I've always said," If you can't beat them on the field there's always the parking lot!" I wonder why I've never gotten the fan "Sportsmanship" Award? GO TEAM!

Friday night Ames High takes on Cedar Falls and Saturday Iowa State takes on the University of Northern Iowa. You'll catch all the action on the hometown station of the Cyclones, both big and little, 1430 KASI AM.