Tailgating, which was once thought of as just some friends getting together to enjoy food, drink, and camaraderie before the game, has in some cases become a competition. It comes in the form of best tailgate food, best set up, largest tv screen, drinking game skills, best sound system, not to mention vehicle design. At times the game only seems to interrupt the parking lot competition and in fact many attendees don't even have tickets. what is amazing is with all that competitive blood flowing their seems to be, excluding a few voracious and intoxicated fans, an escape from all the tensions felt during the week into a feeling of togetherness in a common cause even with those you are competing against. Let their banners wave high and their pride remain strong....Long live the Tailgaters!

Ames high football begins it's season this Friday Night on the road against Cedar Falls. Game time is set for 7pm on the Hometown Station of the Little Cyclones 1430 KASI AM, 1430kasi.com and on your iHeart app.