School Supplies

I was just looking at the school supply list for our area and was once again bitten by the generation bug. "Oh for the days when all we needed was a good piece of charcoal and the back of a coal shovel for notes." my old classmate Abe would say. The money needed to pay for school supplies amounts to what I paid for my first semester in college. It is definitely a chunk of money for those with multiple kids in school and may soon be it's own form of birth control. Tonight is National Night Out and Ames Police will once again be handing out School Supplies at Band Shell Park from 5:30 to 8:30 pm or for as long as they last. They'll also have food and a lot of other activities for families but most of all they'll be helping students start off on an even keel, saving some parents from making some hard financial decisions and teachers from digging in their pockets to help the cause of education.

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