Content Being Outdated

I just went through cell phone hell. Chris decided I needed to update and traded my "old phone" for a new $700 XR the latest in "technology" at least for the moment. I basically use the phone to call and text I was totally surprised at how many functions this has that I will never use. It has a facial recognition security system that I swear screamed a little bit when I first tried to enable it. My wife held a little welcome to 2019 old man ceremony. I am constantly surrounded by young souls who think of cellphones as an appendage that ranks just below having a heartbeat and breathing, at my age it falls just below a good bowel movement. I am preparing myself for the onslaught of my peers who will chastise me "do you realize how many times we could have used a payphone back in the 60's for that money or bought a nice used car?" That's right my fellow stingy curmudgeons but now you are a neanderthal if you don't have one. It's hard to relate to younger folk how wonderful life was to talk face to face and share time together without staring down and missing the true treasures of life that surround us every day. Honestly, alone time can be wonderful. Gosh, I gotta go, my phone is getting angry.

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