Heat Exhaustion

Ok kids, that feeling of Deja Vu isn't. It's just time yo go through all the cutesy ways of telling us how damn hot it is! Let's see, why don't we make some delicious portland eggs, you know, crack a couple on the sidewalk and let them cook. Speaking of cooking, let's find our newest cub reporter, give them a thermometer and set them inside a closed up vehicle to see how fast it gets hot enough to kill. I don't know about you but I grew up in Iowa and at 72 if I'm not smart enough to get out of the heat I think they should burn my birth certificate and disavow my existence. We are the folks who flock to the hottest part of the state for 11 days in August to smell the stench of greasy deep fried foods and eat them with the smell of animal dung in the air, we call it the Iowa State Fair. We certainly understand the implications of heat and don't need moronic examples because I assure you our brains aren't fried...Stay cool!