Hope Springs Eternal

Every morning about 3 am I awaken to network news, sometimes I mistake it for the Cartoon Network but realize what I'm hearing isn't so funny. As I go through my routine preparing to leave for work I feel a bit of deja vu, the news is much the same, corruption, sex crimes, political turmoil, finger pointing and foreign friendemies, only the proper names have been changed to protect the guilty. It was in this atmosphere I headed to work. As I got out of the car something caught my eye, I kid you not, there in this vast parking lot of asphalt and concrete, one single flower was growing in one of the cracks. I cannot express what that single bloom did for my day. Through all the adversity that man had put before it , it managed to stand tall in magnificent bloom. I don't recall ever seeing it before but there it stood strong reaching toward a darkened sky and I stood for about 5 minutes drawing inspiration and strength to make this a better day.

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