Vacations Made Easy

It has been rumored that I may be a bit of a "penny pincher", often times wise spending and frugality has been misinterpreted as my being cheap. Tis not so I say. We are again heading for another extravagant vacation to Vegas, no holds barred. I have found several attractions along the way we will visit that are loaded with gift shops, of course the gifts in each are basically the same with a different location imprinted on them. Every stop is a National Park where I will gain FREE entrance with my Senior Pass which I purchased several years ago for $10, they are now $80 and would have prohibited our visits. Next 4 days in the glamorous Las Vegas, Of course our rooms are comped and we're given $100 to gamble with along with some free buffets and other perks. I see poolside action and visits to more local attractions such as say, more National Parks. Now does this cause you to judge me as cheap, I think creative with expenses is a kinder expression. You know the old joke "My friends went on vacation and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" well be damned glad you got anything!

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