No Ones Home! Kind of

Well I got fooled again! Living on a main street opens you up for lots of Political solicitors. I am not one of the most congenial to folks who knock on the door, I have nothing against them except I enjoy my leisure privacy. I know they are working hard for their candidates and party but I assure you that I have never bought a set of encyclopedias, magazine subscription, bible or vacuum cleaner from someone on my porch. I must admit I felt guilty about the magazines that gave me the opportunity to send a young person to college. Other opportunities include tree trimming, driveway repair and a new roof because they had left over materials. I'm sad to tell you my son continues to sit in a Texas Jail for his 8th year because I wouldn't wire money, I've also been unable to help the Prince in Nigeria nor forward legal fees to claim a large amount of cash left to me from a distant relative, I think from the Revolutionary War. Today, because my wife and daughter order lots of things, I answered the doorbell because a UPS truck was parked outside, in a rare move he was delivering to a neighbor.As I opened the door there stood a political solicitor, in the kindest voice I could muster I said "You're not the UPS man." and I grabbed the brochure he was offering and closed the door. He stood there for a moment, shook his head and sauntered to his next objective muttering "Thank God I didn't step on his lawn!" ( believe it or not 2 minutes after I finished this there was another knock on the door, that's 3 in 90 minutes!)

Regional Play begins for the Ames High Softball team begins Thursday night as they take on Marshalltown. 1430 KASI-AM will have all the action with pre-game set for 6:45 and bat to ball at 7 pm. Don't forget you can also hear the game at and on your iHeaqrt app.