Another case of how things have changed over the years. As we come up to the 4th of July it reminds me of the days when fireworks were illegal in Iowa. The days of trips across the state line into Missouri and smuggling a trunkful of the forbidden explosives back to Des Moines often in the cover of night and subtly leaking the word to profit from your dangerous trip. There was no Interstate so you planned a route through the countryside so as to avoid revenuers that might confiscate your precious cargo of illicit contraband. Eyes constantly darting from the windshield to the rearview mirror just in case you had to make a run for it. You had trained for months by watching the movie "Thunder Road" over and over again as Robert Mitchum ran white lightinin' past the Feds. Your heart swelled with pride carrying on the tradition of bootlegging that your Grandfather did during prohibition or your dad with a case of Coors hidden in the trunk after a family vacation to Colorado. Once back, your car became a mobile speakeasy with a required reference as to "who sent you?" before the trunk opened. Prices were doubled and in some cases tripled as you took monies intended for lunches as payment to feed their yearly addiction. At the close of business, as you counted your ill gotten gains, you suddenly realized you hadn't set aside any for yourself....DAMN!

It's back to the diamond for the Ames High Little Cyclones as they face Dowling Catholic in a double header this Friday Night. Pre game at 4:45 pm with Bat to ball at 5. Join Sports Director Dave Sprau as he brings you all the action on 1430 KASI-AM, and on your iHeart app.