Ahhh the innocence and ignorance of childhood, our race to become adults so we could do what we wanted when we wanted, nobody to boss us around etc..We thought that money grew on trees and mom and dad went to work just to have something to do until they got old. Parents were a crafty bunch, they made us want to do things by telling us we would have to wait until we were big enough or older. they made chores look like fun, like painting, cutting the grass and washing the car. My little pyromaniac mind couldn't wait until I was old enough to burn the trash but taking out the garbage was tied in. Raking leaves was done so we would have a big pile to jump into only to clean up our mess afterward. My little brother and I began our work career by cutting Grandmas grass, I was 8 and he was 5, each of us grabbing a half of the handle of the old reel mower to get enough power to push it, the reward being some jelly beans afterward.My step dad, Lynn Sawyer, must have been related to Tom Sawyer as he convinced me painting the garage was fun. My mom used the tearful approach of protecting her flower beds from the maniacal and sometimes alcohol influenced ramblings of my dad with his newly acquired, self driven power mower, she was already down two peony bushes. Thus mowing the yard was now my responsibility. Somewhere over the years we catch on and the thrill is gone and we figure out what the real happiness in life is. Finding our true love, getting married and having enough children to pass the tradition of devious denial and having them beg to do the things you never want to do again.

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