Confessions of a Racist

I'm having trouble getting excited for the Belmont Stakes this year, with no Triple Crown at stake it dulls my excitement. I love horse racing, you don't have to bet a lot to win a lot plus watching those beautiful animals in all their glorious colors racing down that track is reward enough. I had a Great Uncle Levi that helped train a Derby winner back in the 40's who taught me a lot about how to bet and what to look for. His sharing of knowledge has served me well, as even though I've not won on every race I have never left the track without having more money than I brought. My Mom was a name better, my Dad looked at a horses color and whether it relieved itself before a race, I've always been a race form guy and Jockey fan. Have no doubt I will be placing bets on the race, but now I go more for the family breakfast at the track and conversation and no longer am the "Racist" I used to be...."IIIIIM OFFFFFF!

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