When Fall is not so Pretty

One of the wonderful titles I've earned in the last couple of years is being a "Fall Risk". No, this is not fear of the 3rd quarter of the year and the possibility of being struck in the head by colorful leaves, it's the genuine "on your butt and go boom" kind. There's been a couple of incidents in the past couple of years, one was climbing down the above ground pool ladder and 8 inches from the ground lost balance, fell into the fence, dislocated my pinky toe and took a bumpon the head. The second was while patching the driveway with a bag of asphalt, leaned too far forward and flipped head over heels onto the concrete breaking my glasses and heavily bruised my pride. My wife is tempted to have me shuffle without my feet leaving the ground as a safety measure. While these tumbles are rare, you only need one to seriously injure or kill you. I've been grounded for life and quite frankly while I understand the reason but it's still a piece of life I must give up. We have gone from "Play Doh" to fragile "China" bodies. It's a beautiful day to get caught up on some chores but unfortunately window washing and painting for me is limited to arm reach and unfortunately I can now relate to a T-Rex. I have now been demoted from ladder climber to ladder holder. All this rage building will force me to go on a weed eater rampage before I go umpiring the softball games this afternoon...I'm OOUUT!

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