You're Not so Tough

There are some things I don't have a lot of patience for one of which is people who choose theaters for catching up with each other during a movie or those that think that heckling the screen characters is clever entertainment. Such was the case recently as my wife and I attended an afternoon matinee of John Wick 3, 2 hours of murder and mayhem with a thin story line and always leaves you with a sequel promise. i can't help but wonder what turn of events caused Keanu Reeves, the delightful and naive "Ted" into a ruthless assassin like John Wick. That aside a group of raucous youth decided to sit a few seats down from us and share their days adventures and plans for the weekend during the movie. Enjoying and relaxing in my movie lounger, I foolishly thought that after the previews silence would prevail, it was not to be. About 2 minutes in, Chris had noticed that I was gripping my popcorn so hard that the buttery topping was dripping between my fingers then came the ominous sign that I was about to have a face to face confrontation as the footrest on my lounger was slowly descending to floor level. Chris immediately grabbed my arm as I was about to rise and admonished me to ignore it and suggested I move to the other side of her where she felt the chatter was less audible, it was but not much. through the rest of the movie Chris would gently touch my arm to keep me calm. I have always lived by the Park Avenue Playground Code of not tattling but handling the the situation yourself, so I never went to theater management. My only puzzling consolation was when Chris went on an angry tirade after the movie proclaiming someone ought to have done something about . As she turned toward me she added "Anyone but you, you lack tact."

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