Nothing Lasts Forever (or does it?)

Why do we wait until something gets to crisis stage before we react. I remember when I first became aware of our effect on the environment, it was in 1963 and many in my high school went out on an earth day clean up around our neighborhoods. We basically picked up litter and disposed of it, we weren't planting trees or cleaning waterways it was pretty basic and many of us looked at it as a way to get out of our stuffy classrooms. The 55 years following I have watched and listened to the warnings of how we are destroying our own environment I have even tried to clean up my act as to what I can do to help but it's never been enough. As far as cows flatulence, I have been working to thin the herds by putting more beef in my diet. All kidding aside, I just saw where an undersea explorer found some plastic in the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean, with all the plastic being ingested or trapping our oceans creatures I think if they were able to vote they'd say keep the cow farts and get rid of the humans. Nothing lasts forever but plastic gives it the best shot even though the items made from it have short use spans, when it's thrown away it never dies. I must admit the first time my wife and daughter pulled out their metal straws at a restaurant instead of using the plastic ones provided, I laughed, I laugh no more. I realized I talked the talk mut missed quite a few steps in walking the walk. Although I tried to provide my children all the necessities of life, I failed to provide the best earth for them to live on. My daughter works very seriously in trying to clean up the environment for not only her but future generations, as for us it's not too late to give the generations to come the greatest gift of all, a planet to live on we call EARTH!

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