Lost in Iowa

Sunday with my son, as always, became an adventure. It began by him deciding to start our day 2 hours earlier than we had planned, he had worked the previous day until 11pm so 10 am seemed reasonable but who can resist an extra 2 hours with their old man. Our 1st mission was to get my fishing license at a Walmart. After giving all my information we decided to buy some extra gear like sinkers and some crawlers. Of course the joking twosome of"Dad and Shad" hinted to Randy the clerk that we thought the crawlers might be dead and we didn't think they were all alive, our mistake. Randy proceeded to pour them on the counter and check that all was well despite our efforts to let him know we were joking. After all was put together I paid and we headed out to the car. As I emptied the sack into the tackle box I noticed all was there except my license, back we went for another 15 minutes as Randy had to figure out how to get my license without paying again. Off we went to Yellow Banks State Park, found a spot and began fishing. We were there 4 hours but i pulled in the first and only fish in the first 2 minutes. The rest of the 3 hours and 58 minutes were spent casting our lines, not caring whether we caught anything but catching up on each others adventures. When we left I decided to give my son a lesson on finding your way back to Des Moines without a GPS. I intentionally turned right instead of left, the way we came, and headed down the gravel road. To make a short story long as usual let me close this off by saying, I never knew my son had never been to Knoxville nor seen Red Rock Lake. Needless to say my trailblazing and scouting skills had failed me but it did give us a lot of laughs and a story for my son about the 55 mile trip to get from the East side of Des Moines to the Southside of Des Moines. It was a GREAT DAY!

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