Worrisome Wife

As many of you know my wife Chris is a couple of decades younger than me and despite predictions of many this 28 year old May-December marriage is stronger than ever. Believe me, we have withstood the comments of many, Separate tickets for meals? Is daughter or dad paying? When our daughter Paula was born and I carried her to the nursery with my son, 3 years younger than my wife, by my side 2 nurses passed commenting " Isn't that sweet, dad's letting grandpa carry the baby.". These really haven't bothered us and often give us a laugh. At this juncture of our lives I am realizing what a loving, caring person continues to share my life. She desperately wants me to sell my motorcycle, fearing my ability to keep it upright. Please understand in her job as a police sergeant over the years she seen too many riders scraped up after an accident. Basically she pleads her case but knows the futility of telling me I can't do something. Last night I took a direct hit to my chest while umpiring that left a sizeable bruise on my chest. This of course has set up the latest discussion of "You're not as young as you used to be and don't heal that quickly, maybe you should quit." That's not happening but I must confess her concern touches my heart and makes me feel a little selfish. It confirms my deepest wish that I wish she had been born 20 years earlier or I 20 years later so we could have spent more of our lives together.

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