Debt Never Paid

This is the weekend we pay tribute to our fallen heroes who died to maintain this country and it's liberties, never really having the opportunity to enjoy them. There literally is not a day that goes by that I don't express my deepest appreciation of their sacrifice. You see each day when I go home I drive past our cities Veterans Memorial occasionally seeing one of these surviving warriors sitting on one of the stone benches, holding their hat in hand and remembering. I can only imagine what thoughts are running through their heads and the feeling of loss that permeates their souls and in that daily moment "Thanks for your service" seems desperately inadequate. I cannot find the words to describe my feelings of how indebted I feel to those who put their lives on the line and cannot help but wonder how they feel about the the country they fought to preserve as it stands today. Let their sacrifice be not in vain, as you light that grill, set up your camp site, jump in your pool or just breathe the air of freedom that we can do this because of the ultimate sacrifice of so many. God Bless America and those that have fought and continue to fight for it's freedoms, the debt we can never pay!

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