Natural Friends

I"ve never had much difficulty in making friends, I think it's my easy going and loving nature not to mention a natural affinity to making people smile. Actually, that's the first time I've seen me described that way and must admit I made myself blush, now let's get to reality. I am a person who takes getting used to, I am an acquired taste which at first may be bitter but just like a good bourbon, will either grow on you or eventually get spit out. All of us would like to think we are a gift to mankind, I think of myself as that "Gag Gift", when you open me up you never know what you're going to get. I have never consciously intended to hurt anybody or make them angry but assure you after getting several death threats over the years know that mission has not always been accomplished. I confronted those who were not anonymous and now proudly call them friends. It's not easy to get everyone in my line of work to like you and you're bound to step on a few toes. I can assure you it is never maliciously intended. One thing for sure, as we get older we are guaranteed to make new friends, most of them in the medical field, my General Practitioner, Urologist, Oncologist, Opthamologist, Podiatrist, Dentist and Physical Therapist, In the end I figure this is a pretty good group to have on your side.

If Mother Nature cooperates, Ames High Baseball will open their season Friday Night against Waukee and of course 1430 KASI will be there. 7pm is game time and by the way if you've got friends and relatives out of reach of our signal, let them know they can here your future star in action on and on their iHeart app.